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Bespoke 4×4 Suspension Systems

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Australian Designed

Ridepro 4×4 Suspension systems have been designed in Australia to take on the world, featuring the latest Spring Components and Class-Leading Rox Shocks. The Ridepro range features complete lift kits, heavy duty options and premium accessories to suit almost any 4×4 vehicle application such as…
• Offroad Trekking/Trail Driving
• Distance Towing (trailers, caravans, etc.)
• Load stability (canopies, Service bodies, etc.)
• Extra Ground clearance
• Improved handling


The RoxShocks Classic 60mm, twin tube Shock Absorber has a 41mm bore that holds up to 20% more oil, greatly reducing the risk of fade under harsh conditions.High temperature oil, a super fine finish piston rod with a heavy duty iron piston, multi stagevalving, multi lip and built in check seals, all combine to provide optimum ride and handling.

While developing the RoxShocks & RidePro systems, key issues were targeted, namely FUNCTIONALITY, PERFORMANCE, QUALITY and DURABILITY.
FUNCTION relates to the evaluation of a vehicle and its suspension characteristics. Our aim is improve the PERFORMANCE of the vehicle.
PERFORMANCE relates to the ride quality, handling off-road ability and load carrying capacity of the vehicle. Increase suspension travel, improved ride comfort, better handling on-road, improved traction off-road and more stable and better controlled load carrying are our aims – “Make a good 4WD better”.
– QUALITY of a high standard is demanded by discerning four-wheel drivers worldwide. ROX Shocks™ by Ridepro® brings to the marker place a superior range of 4WD suspension products.
– DURABILITY is perhaps the most important consideration for ROX Shocks™ by Ridepro®. Every product in the range has been extensively tested so we know that you can have every confidence in your purchase.

ROX Shocks™  by Ridepro® offers a  2-year/ 40,000km warranty covering faulty material or workmanship on all ROX Shocks™ by Ridepro® products. The wide brown land is getting drier, the roads are getting rougher. More and more people are heading off for the grand tour and their vehicles are getting heavier. ROX Shocks™ by Ridepro® has developed a range of firmer valved shock absorbers, for the most popular four wheel drives.

COIL SPRINGS – Ridepro® steel coil springs are of the highest quality and are superbly engineered and designed to fit your 4WD, perfectly. Manufactured on precision mandrels, shot peened, scragged and load tested, Ridepro® Coil Springs can handle virtually anything that mother nature can dish up. Depending on your vehicles suspension system, Ridepro® have linear rate or progressive rate coils with a high quality powder coat finish.

LEAF SPRINGS – The harsher the conditions, the better. Ridepro® Leaf Springs absolutely revel in the Australian climate. Heat treated, shot peened, scragged and load tested for durability and long life, they’re designed for premium off road performance. For effective load distribution, Ridepro® Leaf Springs have draw tapered and diamond cut leaves. And depending on the application, there are leaf springs with military wraps and interleaf liners

BUSHES – Call it special treatment. To enhance the ride quality and performance of the suspension kits, Ridepro® uses only premium grade polyurethane bushes with a unique formula. It provides superior resistance to abrasion, minimum compression set, high shear and tear strength and maximum resistance to oils and solvents. To further improve lubrication, distribution, and retention, Ridepro® Leaf Spring Eye Bushes also feature lateral grooves for tolerance in the eye diameter, with spiral grooves in the inner bore and tangential grooves on the flange head.

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